Here at Patriotic Pump Apparel we love rewarding those who support our brand the most, so we created positions for Ambassadors!


JOIN THE COMMUNITY - We started back in March 2018 from nothing, had a team of zero. Just a vision and a plan to become the most patriotic and pumped up brand out there in our niche. Now we have a team over 400 bad ass Americans! Here, people are people, not numbers. We value the long term friendships that our brand connects us with! If you’re a real American that wants to rock bad ass merch and want to make a ton of patriotic & pumped friends, we welcome you aboard!


REQUIREMENTS - In order to become and stay on the Patriotic Pump Ambassador Team, there are requirements that need to be met before registering with us and that need to be upheld during ambassadorship.


  • Must be EXTREMELY patriotic.
  • Must be 18+ years of age.
  • Must not ever make posts condoning racism or general negativity.
  • Must tag us in your bio. "@patrioticpump"
  • Must make an initial purchase from our online store (so that you can help grow our brand effectively). There is no minimum order total amount for your order. We do not believe in "buy $200 worth of stuff" crap! The purchase of one or two t-shirts would be awesome! Even buying a bumper sticker counts!
  • Must make a post 1x monthly on your main page or via story a picture or video showcasing the our savage merch to maximize sales and boost your commission payout!


BENEFITS - To those who genuinely support the brand and have been accepted to become an ambassador for us, we will provide rewarding benefits!

  • A PERMANENT 20% discount code applied to ANYTHING you order. The only time this discount will not be available is on your initial purchase.
  • 15% commission of ALL your sales (most companies 10%)
  • FREE exposure / story shout outs as long as it is related to our brand theme and our merch is being showcased. Tag "@patrioticpump" to be reposted via story post which we receive thousands of views on within our community!



  • Paid out via PayPal at the 1st of each month.
  • Deposits may take 2-3 business days to show in your PayPal statement.
  • PayPal account info is confidential and cannot be viewed other than by yourself.






If you are with it and ready to join forces together, message us back and we will go from there.