Here at Patriotic Pump Apparel we love rewarding those who support our brand the most, so we created positions for Ambassadors!


JOIN THE COMMUNITY - We started back in March 2018 from nothing, had a team of zero. Just a vision and a plan to become the most patriotic and pumped up brand out there in our niche. Now we have a team over 400 bad ass Americans! Here, people are people, not numbers. We value the long term friendships that our brand connects us with! If you’re a real American that wants to rock bad ass merch and want to make a ton of patriotic & pumped friends, we welcome you aboard!


REQUIREMENTS - In order to be a part of the Patriotic Pump team as a brand ambassador, there are requirements that need to be met before registering with us:

  • Must be EXTREMELY patriotic.
  • Must be 18+ years of age.
  • Must make an initial purchase from our online store (so that you can help grow our brand effectively).
  • Tag us in your bio. "@patrioticpump"

BENEFITS - To those who genuinely support the brand and have been accepted to become an ambassador for us, we will provide rewarding benefits!

  • A PERMANENT 20% discount code on your ENTIRE orders (Includes initial purchase).
  • 15% commission of ALL your sales (most companies 10%)
  • FREE exposure / shout outs as long as it is related to our brand theme.


You must follow our Instagram @patrioticpump and post twice a month at the very minimum a picture or video of you doing something unique wearing our clothing to promote growth for our brand and to boost sales in order to maximize your commission earnings!